Whether it's your first or your 50th...


Get the training and nutrition right, and you'll be unstoppable.

What does it even mean to enjoy running for 5, 6, or even 10 hours?

The very idea seems counterintuitive.

CAN you enjoy it?

What would that feel like?

Imagine finishing and knowing you’ve done everything possible to have a great race.

Imagine being ready to go for an easy run the day after - with a recovery plan in place.

Imagine spending the race pushing hard, or relaxing and enjoying the scenery - enjoying the experience on your own terms.

We want that for you.

We KNOW it’s possible, and we think it’s the right way to run a 50k...with joy, stamina, and a gut that feels great the whole time.

Register Now: $29

Who are we? We’re Will Frantz and Michael Krushinsky.

Will’s a lifelong athlete who’s pushed far too hard at times. He's learned the hard way that it leads to burnout. Now he supports endurance athletes with the nutrition strategies to win races, climb Everest, and be healthy enough to play with their kids.

 Michael got started later in life as an athlete. First, riding his bike all around Chicago. Later, running half-marathons and 50k’s. And in his late 30s, he started strength training. Now he coaches endurance athletes for strength, stamina, durability, and technique - both at his gym in Salt Lake City, and online.

What’s it take to enjoy a 50k? How can you set yourself up for success?

 Endurance...the lung and heart rate capacity to do the time.

Technique...good running form to maximize efficiency.

Strength...the muscular endurance to maintain good technique for the entire event.

Nutrition...get the most out of every training session.

Race-day nutrition...what and when to eat to perform your best when it counts.

Let us walk you through our tested, proven, and research-backed strategies for training and nutrition, so you can enjoy your 50k.

Is this workshop for me?

Let’s see…

Are you an experienced ultrarunner (at least one 50k under your belt), and you’re looking for a few tips to improve your time (and your enjoyment!) on your next one? 


Are you an aspiring ultrarunner, who’s run at least a half-marathon (or a comparable distance) within the last 6 months, without pain or injury, and you’re looking to dominate your first 50k? 


Are you an aspiring ultrarunner, without long-distance running experience, but you’re willing to commit 6 months to crushing your first 50k? 


Register Now: $29

We’ve seen people make the same mistakes, time and time again, and we want to help you avoid them.

Which of these traps have you fallen into?

  • Using a program from a book, or online, and not personalizing it to you (and not knowing how to)
  • Putting in all the mileage, but worrying if it’s enough (and did you know that it could even be too much?)
  • Not strength training because you didn’t know what to do - or just going to the gym and “winging it”
  • Joining a training program that made you stronger, but didn’t help your running (or even made it worse)
  • Not planning and practicing your nutrition and hydration strategies, and relying on the snacks available at the aid stations
  • Only running for distance - not taking the time to build your base endurance or training for speed
  • Training through tweaks and injuries, rather than looking at running technique and strength imbalances

I promise you, we’ve seen it all. 

LOL. Real talk: we’ve made these exact same mistakes ourselves, and we want to help you avoid all these pitfalls.

Let’s talk about this workshop. The cost, and what you’ll get.

 You'll have lifetime access to this workshop, for just $29.

We’re covering the topics that we teach our clients over months of coaching, costing hundreds of dollars. Why? Because we believe that if you take a few of these pieces and implement them in your training and racing, you will enjoy your 50k.

We want that for you.

And that's why we've included a strength training plan, 4 nutrition guides to take you from planning for training and executing on raceday. Plus, a dozen short videos answering common questions and diving deeper into the nutrition and training strategies in the workshop.

Register Now: $29

What are we covering in this workshop? 

  • The basics of running technique for efficiency and endurance
  • The four phases of training for a 50k, and how to integrate endurance, speed, and strength work for your specific needs
  • How to eat to support your training - to maximize performance and recovery
  • The keys to race-day nutrition - a happy belly is just the minimum to having a great race
  • Three ways to monitor your training to ensure you’re getting the most out of it - without overtraining or undershooting your mileage and effort

Plus, we’ve got a few free gifts for you:

  • A strength training program, designed specifically to support your 50k training
  • A nutrition guide to make it easy to eat well
  • A running technique quick-reference handout to help you perfect smooth and efficient running form

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